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About us

ASIS “The Training and Coaching Academy” is a specialist Training and Coaching Organization, focusing on three primary sectors, namely Business Training, Personal & organizational Coaching, and Business Consultation.

Our story of training and coaching the public on business and life skills, started many years ago.

ASIS established in 2005, and through its professional internationally accredited trainers, was capable of helping more than 15,000 (FIFTEEN thousand) trainee all over the world.

Unleashing Your Personal Potential For Unlimited Growth

What differentiate us from others that; our trainers are delivering the courses and the coaching session, not only based on their academic qualifications, but they also base their delivery on their vast life experience with great multinational diversified business knowledge.

We offer our courses in different format based on our client’s preferences.

Class room training (in-house, and public)

Blended learning training

Virtual class training

Online learning

One to one Training and Coaching

We work all the time on transforming the training session into an interactive, communicative experience

We use all effective training tools:





Case studies



Team work

Quizzes and exams

Our Vision

Empowering People is at the Heart and Mind of our Academy

Our Mission

To equip everyone with the required tools, knowledge, skill, and motive to achieve their dreams in a competitive affordable investment.

Our Values

Every one deserve a respect, acknowledgment, and a chance to develop.
Transparency, honesty, dedication, and flexibility are our core value. We work on creating a productive working environment that is reflected on the wealth of the whole society.

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